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Details of each design inside the short path distillation equipment


    There are many places on the short path distillation equipment that attract us. Its structure is one of them. It also shows the uniqueness of the structure of the short-range distiller. It has a great connection with it. 
    The short-range distiller uses a high-precision transmission and mechanical seal design, which can fully guarantee the long-term smooth operation of the equipment. At the same time, according to the working condition and material characteristics of the short path distillation equipment, the reduction ratio of the transmission, the lubrication method of the mechanical seal and the mechanical seal are determined. The cooling method, which is the basis for the long-term stable operation of the equipment.
    The evaporation cylinder of the short path distillation equipment is integrally formed without the intermediate flange connection, and becomes the core component of the entire short-range molecular distiller. Such a manufacturing method not only avoids the leakage and material accumulation caused by the flange connection, but also avoids the occurrence of a low temperature zone on both sides of the flange, and the evaporation surface is not effectively utilized.
    The inner surface of the cylinder is used as the heating evaporation surface of the short-range molecular distiller. It has strict requirements on the surface finish. The inner surface finish is refined to a high level by fine grinding to ensure that the inner surface is not easy to stick and scale, reducing Material retention, improve heat and mass transfer efficiency.
    In addition, the short-range distiller also has a unique liquid distributor and splash-proof device design, which not only can evenly distribute the material to the heating surface, but also effectively prevent a small amount of material from staying on the distributor for a long time. The same is true for high viscosity materials, which is a powerful guarantee for the production of excellent products.
    When the short-range distiller is used for the first time, it is recommended to use pure water or distilled water to prevent scale formation for a long time. The highest liquid level is added to the red mark line of the liquid level window, which can be recycled for more than half a year. If the liquid level is lower than the yellow line, the cooling effect should not exceed the red marking line.

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