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Working principle and maintenance method of rotary evaporator


      Rotary evaporators have been widely used in the fields of concentrating, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries. Under vacuum conditions, it is heated at a constant temperature to rotate the rotating bottle at a constant speed. The material forms a large-area film on the bottle wall and evaporates efficiently. The solvent vapor is cooled by a high-efficiency glass condenser and recovered in a collection bottle to greatly increase the evaporation efficiency. It is especially suitable for the concentration and purification of biological products which are easily decomposed and degenerated by high temperature. In order to extend their life, we need to carry out a variety of maintenance.
Maintenance method of rotary evaporator:
1. Wipe each interface with a soft cloth (can be replaced with a napkin) and apply a small amount of vacuum grease. The vacuum grease must be covered after use to prevent the entry of lime sand.
Second, the original authentic accessories must be purchased, and the use of other accessories can cause fatal damage to the machine. When making any repairs or inspections on the machine, be sure to cut off the power supply and water source. Note that this equipment is a fragile product, please be careful when using it, and the damage of fragile goods is not covered by our warranty.
Third, carefully check the instrument before use, whether the glass bottle is damaged, whether the interfaces are consistent, pay attention to light handling.
4. Clean the seal ring regularly by removing the seal ring and checking if there is dirt on the shaft. Wipe it with a soft cloth, then apply a little vacuum grease and reinstall it to keep the shaft and seal ring smooth.
5. The interfaces should not be tightened too tightly. It should be loosened regularly to avoid the long-term tight lock and cause the connector to die. Turn on the power switch first, then let the machine run from slow to fast. When the machine is stopped, stop the machine and turn off the switch.
6. the PTFE switch can not be tightened too much, it is easy to damage the glass. Every time you use it, you must wipe off all kinds of oil stains, stains and solvents left on the surface of the machine with a soft cloth and keep it clean.
7. After the machine is shut down, loosen the PTFE switches. The long-term static state will make the PTFE piston deform. Do not allow water to enter the electrical part. Do not get wet.

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