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How to maintain the filter reactor?


Daily maintenance methods for filter reactors:
1. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble with pressure when working or at the end! It is strictly forbidden to work under overpressure and over temperature!
2. When cleaning the autoclave, special care should be taken not to allow water or other liquid to flow into the heating furnace to prevent the heating furnace wire from being blown. If heating the jacketed heat transfer oil, be careful not to mix water or other liquids when adding the heat transfer oil. Check the oil level of the heat transfer oil from time to time!
3. If there is abnormal sound inside the isolation sleeve during operation, stop the pressure and check whether the mixing system has abnormal conditions. Regularly check the amount of swing of the stirring shaft. If the amount of swing is too large, replace the bearing or sliding bushing in time!
4. According to the voltage of the control instrument, connect the corresponding voltage, single phase 220V, three-phase 380V, the fire and zero wires of the controller are not connected; do not implement wiring work in power transmission to prevent electric shock! In order to ensure the controller For normal operation and personal safety of the staff, please connect the grounding wire! The control device itself is not explosion-proof, so avoid the inflammable and explosive environment such as oil and gas!
5. When the final reaction temperature is determined, it is not allowed to change the temperature setting value during the heating process to avoid a large overshoot of the temperature!
6. Under the premise of turning on the power, even if the switch such as heating and stirring is not turned on, the output terminal of the rear panel of the controller is also charged. It is not allowed to pull any plug during operation!
Precautions in the operation of the filter reactor:
A. Open the laboratory reactor kettle cooling water valve, open, open the inlet valve, the cooling water pressure should not be less than 0.1 MPa, which is not higher than 0.2 MPa.
B. Open the laboratory reactor stirrer before the laboratory reactor feed, no noise, normal, expected to the laboratory reactor, the amount of breeding should not exceed the request of the process.
C. Review the reactor operation at any time. If the reactor is abnormal, stop the maintenance of the reactor.
D. Close the laboratory reactor steam valve, open the check valve, and open the intake valve. Close the steam valve to preheat the clamping sleeve and gradually increase the pressure inside the jacket beyond the rules.
E. The laboratory reactor steam valve and the cooling valve cannot start at the same time. The reactor steam pipe gas has no hammer and collision.
F. Clean the titanium epoxy (enamel) reactor, or use an alkaline brush reactor, taking care not to destroy the reactor.
G, water ring vacuum pump, pump water, pump stop, * station, and should eliminate the reactor water pump.

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