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How to operate short path distillation equipment correctly?


      When the short path distillation equipment is in use, the pressure difference between the boiling film and the condensing surface is the driving force of the steam flow direction. When used, the slight pressure will directly cause the steam to flow, and the operation at 1 mbar requires boiling. The distiller made on this basis is called a short path distiller with a very short distance between the face and the condensing surface. The short path distiller (molecular distillation) has a built-in condenser on the opposite side of the heating surface and reduces the operating pressure below 0.001 mbar. Its low boiling temperature is ideal for heat sensitive and high boiling materials.
  Process of short path distillation equipment operation:
  1. The molecule diffuses from the liquid body to the evaporation surface:
  Generally, the diffusion rate in the liquid phase is the main factor controlling the rate of molecular distillation, so the thickness of the liquid layer should be reduced as much as possible and the flow of the liquid layer should be strengthened.
  2. Free evaporation of molecules on the surface of the liquid layer:
  The evaporation rate increases with the increase of temperature, but the separation factor sometimes decreases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, the economical and reasonable distillation temperature should be selected on the premise of the thermal stability of the material to be processed.
  3. The molecules fly from the evaporation surface to the condensation surface:
  During the flight of vapor molecules from the evaporation surface to the condensation surface, they may collide with each other or with air molecules remaining between the two sides. Since the evaporation molecules are much heavier than the air molecules and most have the same direction of motion, their own collisions have little effect on the direction of flight and the rate of evaporation. The residual gas molecules have a chaotic thermal motion between the two sides, so the number of residual gas molecules is the main factor affecting the direction of flight and evaporation rate.

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