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7 points to help you use the filter reactor better


Precautions in the operation of the filter reactor
A. Open the filter kettle cooling water valve, open, open the inlet valve, the cooling water pressure should not be less than 0.1 MPa, is not higher than 0.2 MPa.
B. Before the reactor is filtered, the laboratory reactor stirrer is opened, no noise, normal, and it is expected that the filter reactor will not be able to exceed the request of the process.
C. Review the reactor operation at any time. If the reactor is abnormal, stop the maintenance of the reactor.
D. Close the steam valve of the filter reactor, the check valve is opened, and the intake valve is opened. Close the steam valve to preheat the clamping sleeve and gradually increase the pressure inside the jacket beyond the rules.
E. Filtering the reactor steam valve and cooling valve can not start at the same time, the reactor steam pipe gas does not have a hammer and collision
F. Clean the titanium epoxy (enamel) reactor, or use an alkaline brush reactor, taking care not to destroy the reactor.
G, water ring vacuum pump, open pump water, stop pump, the first stop, and should eliminate the reactor water pump.

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