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Feed position and filler type of molecular distillation unit


       Molecular distillation unit are devices that are  used in many production processes now,because they can get the best efficiency gains in production activities.In the process of working on molecular distillation unit,Many factors will affect the operating capacity of molecular distillation unit,obviously, the feed position and filler we should be careful when we are designing a molecular distillation unit.
     If molecular distillation unit has more than two feed ports,it will set a different heights of the device basically.In the production, the appropriate feeding port should be selected according to the specific circumstances, and adjustments are necessary if necessary. The basic principle is that, for equipment that feeds at or near the bubble point, the choice of feed port is based on the composition of the feed being consistent with the composition of the feed plate.
     In general, when the volatile components in the separated mixture are increased, the higher inlet is selected. With the change of the feeding state in the molecular distillation unit, the feed inlet should also be adjusted accordingly. When the feed temperature decreases, the feed inlet with a higher position is used; otherwise, the inlet with a lower position is used.
     When the molecular distillation unit uses different kinds of fillers, the separation results obtained are also different. According to the filling method, it can be divided into bulk packing and structured packing. Compared with the same size, the Pall ring gas in the molecular distillation device Higher flux and better separation.Then it is modified into a stepped Pall ring. One end of the cylindrical part is made into a bell mouth shape, so that the fillers are in point contact with each other, the bed is even and the void ratio is large, and the production capacity is improved and further improved. Molecular distillation apparatus The significance will also be greater.

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