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Basic Information

Product Name:Thin film evaporator

Product Model:TFE-80-01

Product Brief:

Dumas is a professional manufacturer of thin film evaporator. Please contact

Product FeaturesProduct characteristics

Thin film evaporator is a new type of high efficiency evaporator, which is forced into film by rotating wiper, high speed flow, high heat transfer efficiency and short stay time (about 10~50 seconds).

It consists of one or more cylinder bodies heated with jacket and a scraper that rotates inside the cylinder. The scraper will continuously scrape the feed into a thick and uniform liquid film on the heating surface and move downward; during this process, the components at low boiling points are evaporated and the residue is discharged from the bottom of the evaporator.

1.The main evaporation parts are high borosilicate 3.3 glass, 316L and polytetrafluoroethylene materials, which are transparent and can be separated from corrosion process.

2.The main parts of the evaporator are connected with the exclusive designed package of the package of tetrafluoro O type. It is easy to install and disassemble without applying any sealing medium and fastening with a horseshoe seal clamp.

3.Collecting bottle interface: TFE-100, TFE-80 and TFE-60 collection bottle interface is custom thread long grinding mouth, convenient to fix the ball bowl shaped joint with exclusive design above.TFE-150.

4.The complete set of equipment can be fixed in a movable frame with small space and removable.

Product ParameterProduct parameters

Model Effective evaporation area() Outer condensing area() Barrel Inside diameter(mm) Constant pressure feeding funnel volume(L) Processing flow(KG/H) Motor powerW Max Rotation speed(RPM
TFE-60 0.05 0.2 60  1L  0.5∽3 120 450
TFE-80 0.1 0.25 75   1L  1∽5 120 450
TFE-100 0.15 0.3 100   2L  2∽8 120 450
TFE-150 0.25 0.6 150   2L   3∽15 120 450
TFE-200 0.3 0.6 190   5L  5∽20 120 450
TFE-230 0.4 0.6 220 5L  6∽22 200 300
TFE-300A 0.5 1 285 10L   8∽25 200 300
TFE-300B 0.8 1 285 10L  10∽30 200 300
TFE-300C 1 1.5 285 20L 12∽35 200 300

Product InformationProduct information

1、Feed system:2L double decker canister

2、Main evaporator:

2.1 Effective evaporation area(㎡):0.1㎡

2.2 Mechanical agitation of ceramics

2.3 Constant pressure feeding funnel volume(L): 1.0∽5.0

3、Empty vacuum degree≦1mbar

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