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Basic Information

Product Name:Glass column 315*1500

Product Model:DGC-315*1500

Product Brief:

Chromatography column is the main body of gel chromatography, generally used glass tube or plexiglass tube. A chromatographic method for separation of components in a sample mixture according to their different partition coefficients in the stationary phase and the mobile phase

Product FeaturesProduct characteristics

1. The main body is high borosilicate 3.3, corrosion-resistant and high transparency;

2. Filter part, detachable, convenient for replacement and cleaning

3. Casters with brake function at the bottom of the frame are convenient to move.

Product ParameterProduct parameters

Note: 10-315mm glass chromatographic column with effective length of 2000mm can be customized.

Product InformationProduct information

1. Outer diameter of main body 315mm;

2. The length of the main body is 1500mm;

3. Filter aperture: 40um-60um;

4. Cover port: feed port and vacuum port;

5. Discharge valve with knob

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