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Advantages of Short range molecular distillation


Advantages of Short range molecular distillation
1.Distillation temperature is low, molecular distillation is operated at a temperature far below the boiling point, so long as there is a temperature difference, separation can be achieved. This is the essential difference between molecular distillation and conventional distillation.
2.Distillation vacuum is high, the Short range molecular distillation unit can get a high degree of vacuum inside, usually molecular distillation operation at a very low pressure, so the material is not easy to oxidation damage.
3.Thin distillate film, high heat transfer efficiency.
4.The material is heated for a short period of time. The distance between the heated liquid surface and the condensing surface is less than the average free path of the light molecules, so that light molecules escaping from the liquid surface reach the condensing surface almost without collision.
5.With a higher degree of separation, molecular distillation can separate substances that are not easily separated.
6.Without boiling bubbling, Short range molecular distillation is free evaporation on the surface of the liquid layer. It is conducted under low pressure. There is no dissolved air in the liquid. Therefore, the entire liquid cannot be boiled during the distillation process, and there is no bubbling phenomenon.

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