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Basic Information

Product Name:Circulating water vacuum pump SHZ-95B

Product Model:SHZ-95B

Product Brief:

Vertical circulating water vacuum pump is a new type of circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump with high power and multi-head pumping. This machine is designed to pump internal and external circulating water at the same time with five heads. It has the advantages of no oil, no pollution, high power, low noise, convenience and flexibility, water saving and power saving. One machine is multi-purpose.

Product FeaturesProduct characteristics

(1) one unit, single meter and multi pipe operation, with five air extraction heads. It can be used alone or in parallel.

(2) corrosion resistance, low noise and long service life.

(3) no pollution, the case body is made of PVC.

Product ParameterProduct parameters

Vacuum degree: - 0.098mpa (circulating water temperature 0 ~ 25 ℃)

Pump displacement: 80L / min

Single nozzle air extraction rate: 10L / min

Motor power: 370W

Working voltage: ~ 220V + 10% 50Hz

Water tank volume: 50L

Noise: < 50dB >

Lift: 12M

Self weight: 37kg

Product InformationProduct information

1. The water saving effect is obvious. Because of the water circulation operation, the water added into the water tank can be used repeatedly, which overcomes the phenomenon that a large amount of water is wasted when the method of directly flushing and draining tap water is used to obtain the vacuum. According to the actual measurement, the product can save more than 8 tons of water under the condition of the same vacuum degree, and the one-time water can be used for a long time, which is lack of water source Or a laboratory with insufficient water pressure is particularly suitable

2. Multi function comprehensive use. This machine can not only provide vacuum conditions, but also carry out water automatic external circulation at the same time, and provide circulating cooling water for the reaction device. This machine is connected with the self supplied water source, and can maintain the temperature of circulating water under the condition of continuous operation for a long time through appropriate supplement of water source, which can not only ensure the vacuum degree does not drop, but also realize the supply of circulating cooling water

3. The pump head of the machine is directly immersed in the water without a water bottle. The whole machine is low in height, small in volume, light in weight, and easy to move. It can be placed on the workbench for easy operation and observation. The upper cover of the water tank is movable and can be opened for easy water filling and maintenance

4. The machine is equipped with two suction nozzles, which can be used for single or simultaneous suction operation. Each suction nozzle is equipped with a suction meter, which can easily observe the vacuum degree. The suction path is equipped with a check valve, which can prevent the circulating water from flowing back to the vacuumized equipment when the vacuum operation is stopped

5. Corrosion resistant and pollution-free. The water pump parts of this machine are made of corrosion-resistant materials. The water tank is made of ABS plastic. The one-time forming is not affected by the corrosive substances such as acid and alkali. At the same time, there is no oil pollution in the laboratory

6. The machine works stably and reliably with low noise

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